Hayden Yune (haydenyune) wrote,
Hayden Yune

"Hanging Out?"

Due to the fact that spring break is in swing for the UC campuses in California, I’ve been stuck at work for the past week. It’s been crazy busy and a hidden blessing in disguise. I still enjoy what I do and it makes time go by faster.

Sebastien and I have been talking more regularly than I expected which makes me happy. He’s putting in a great deal of effort… but in a sense that just confuses me more because we’re technically on a break. Whatever, I don’t particularly care about the details, I’m just happy he calls.

So last Thursday, Chris invited me to his place to hang out since I’m still on his so called “depression watch.” I went over because I was mainly bored and didn’t want to stay stuck at home all day long. I guess my expectations about “hanging out” are different. Normally when I invite someone over, it’ll usually consist of doing things. Like I’ll invite Christine over and I’ll make her drinks or food and we’ll talk. I’ll invite a handful of people over and we’ll have charades night or play monopoly or something.

Chris’ idea of hanging out is inviting me over, sitting on the couch, and watching really trashy reality shows like Jersey Shore or something like that. The other half of the time when he’s not watching TV, he’s sitting in front of his computer checking his facebook.

After the first 30 minutes of suffering through whatever it was he was watching, I actually started like cleaning his house in the sheer need to do something. I don’t know, I’m not the most productive time in the world, but I guess I’m one of those people that need to be doing something.

During our little hang out session, I actually “hung out” with my iPhone more than I did with Chris.

And I obviously love Chris to death, he’s like my only close friend I have left in Vegas, but it makes me miss Christine a lot. She was such a rock star.

On a side note, taiki invited me to some gay goth night at some place called Goodtimes? I didn’t go because I wouldn’t know what to do or fit in with a crowd of goth people, but thanks for the kind gesture :D
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