Hayden Yune (haydenyune) wrote,
Hayden Yune

Sorted, OMGPOP & Kikwang

Work was uneventful and not worth reporting so I’ll talk about what I did before work. I did jack shit before work, but even that seemed livelier than the dud of a shift I ended up having.

Anyway, off on a tangent, there are these British guys that run a YouTube show called Sorted, where they teach you how to make easy recipes that you can make at home. I can’t really comment on the actually quality of the cooking or the food that they make since it seemed pretty amateurish (although I guess that’s the point) but I watched like 14 different mini episodes they had because it seemed mildly entertaining.

I also spent some time terrorizing Aaron on OMGPOP which is the best way to spend extra time. I am a mean ass monkey armed with water balloons, the world better watch out.

As you can see, I’m updating for the sheer sake of trying to get in the habit of updating on a regular pattern.

Last thing worthy of noting is how my crush on Kikwang is taking over my YouTube life! In this YouTube clip that I’ll link below, I guess he’s guest starring on some Korean variety program. Lee-Joon is teaching Yoseb (the Korean equivalent of the Biblical name Joseph) the choreography to his song for the first time and Kikwang kind of hides in the back and follows along. After Yoseb has a go trying LeeJoon’s choreography, the MCs of the show ask if Kikwang wants to try it.

Yoseb talks some light hearted smack about how Kikwang couldn’t have learned the steps just by watching from the side and Kikwang agrees to try dancing to the song. Kikwang dances the choreo pretty damn well and then in the middle of it, throws in some sweet freestyle footwork. His eyes are little crescent moons the entire time.

Squee cuteness. BTW he starts dancing at the 1:48 mark for those who just want to skip straight to it. The freestyle is at the 1:58 mark.

After Kikwang is done dancing, the MCs tease Yoseb talking about how well Kikwang danced. I think it’s worth noting that Lee-Joon is cute as well. The part of the clip where Lee-Joon pushes Kikwang by the shoulder made me go awwww.
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