Hayden Yune (haydenyune) wrote,
Hayden Yune

Nutella Sammich

Because I felt so guilty about throwing away a perfectly good burger yesterday, I had the most amazing breakfast today. I had a banana nutella croissant sandwich with just a little bit of peanut butter. I lightly toasted it in the oven to heat up the bread, nutella, and peanut butter and then gloriously shoveled it down my face.

I did throw in some extra time doing planks and squats to try and work that off but I doubt it helped because I made pasta for lunch and did jack shit after eating that.


When your entire rant about your day consists of a food report, you know your going absolutely bonkers.

Oh and hide the lil ones, I spent a good hour of my day downloading disgusting amounts of porn. I’m not going to be having sex for a loooong ass time, so might as well prepare adequately for Hayden private time.

Thanks to browneyes67 for the goodies. Kekeke
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